Our jewelry is made of 18k gold plated sterling silver also known as 925 silver. 

Gold plated is a layer of gold that is placed on top of silver. Sterling Silver is our main metal we use in our jewelry. Our gold plating is thicker than standard gold plating. The multi-layer electroplating process creates a tarnish resistant coating. This makes it a more durable option to increase its longevity. It is water resistant and hypoallergenic! But it also needs proper care to last a long time! Make sure to check out our jewelry care page for more information. 

We use 5A zircoin crystals on our jewelry. Our jewelry is tested before it is manufactured or produced.  If you have any questions anytime, please contact us! 


Our Clips and combs are made using a unique environmentally friendly material called cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is a plant based material made from cotton, plant fibres and tree pulp which is biodegradable  and known for its strength and flexibility as well as being extremely lightweight and strong. Our combs are anti static and its’ round edges will effortlessly glide down your hair without causing breakage. Our clips are strong and durable. This makes it a great option instead of plastic which is bad for the environment. 

Our silk scrunchies are made of 100% mulberry silk grade 6A. Silk is great for preventing creases and breakage to hair. It is an alternative to regular hair ties that are too harsh on the hair or scalp.