The Inca Andes word for Sunrise, shining or dazzling. 


 Inspired by the mythical and abstract design of the Inca Andean culture; ILLÁRI is a brand that believes in inclusivity, diversity, and being unique. We strive to provide high quality, water resistant, non tarnish jewelry. 

Some of our design pieces are one of a kind and are inspired by the Inca culture. The chakana or inca cross collection is a sacred emblem that helps you find your balance, harmony, and spiritual ascent. 

Our mission is to help you find balance with pieces that compliment your style and personality. Mix bold and modern, street style or minimalistic every day essentials or unique pieces that represent you. Which ever style you choose, we hope our jewelry makes you shine-

We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful so we offer jewelry that is affordable without the high luxury markup. And beautiful things shouldn’t be limited to just jewelry so we expanded our brand to create biodegradable hair pieces that is easy and versatile for the everyday, busy, modern woman. 

When you purchase from ILLÁRI, it is sent to you with the upmost appreciation. We thank you for being part of the ILLÁRI family!