How to layer necklaces

How to layer necklaces

Here is the tea, layering necklaces is actually a work of art and requires a bit of skill
s. But no worries, we are here to help you master the art of layering, we got a few tips and tricks listed below:


Step 1: Choose your base layer

We can’t start anything without a foundation so picking a necklace based on the length and feel is important. We love starting with a shorter necklace and build length with other necklaces on top. Depending on your style, we have options. Choose our Eve necklace for a more simple, minimal look as your base. And for a bold look, or street style, a good chain necklace as a base, for example like our Treasure u-link necklace. Also, a very popular option lately is using a pearl strand as a base layer like the Dream pearl necklace and layer it with a cute pendant. Whatever you choose I’m sure you will love it. 

Step 2: Pick a Statement Necklace

Once you have your foundation down, it’s time to pick a statement piece to add a twist to your look. It could be either a classy dainty pearl chain necklace like our Pearl Drop Necklace or a one of a kind piece to add drama to your stack, like the Onix Pendant necklace. 

STEP 3: This is optional, but why stop! 

Finish off the look with a striking pendant necklace that’s longer then the other two necklaces you chose. Remember you are creating a ladder of short to long. We have options! A square pendant necklace like the Rays of love necklace, or for a more unique, all eyes on me look, the chakana pendant necklace. You can also choose the chakana zircon necklace to add shine to your stack!