ILLÁRI jewelry is made of sterling silver with 18k gold plating and e-coating for extra protection. Every purchase comes with an Illári jewelry cloth and pouch or box. We recommend storing your jewelry in your illári pouch or box and polishing your jewelry as needed. To clean, gently rub your jewelry in one direction. Avoid cleaning with tissue paper or paper towels, as they can scratch your jewelry. Here is a list of things to avoid when caring for your jewelry.


Store in dry place or dark space away from direct sunlight 

Although our jewelry is water resistant, try to avoid long periods of water exposure. If you do, wash jewelry with soap and water, dry afterwards. 

Avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals

Avoid direct contact with perfumes or creams

Use jewelry cleaning cloth regularly 

Take off your jewelry before sleep to avoid damage or accidents. 

Lastly, wear your Illári jewelry often! The skin’s natural oils will help keep your Sterling Silver lustrous. It’s a way to prevent Sterling Silver from tarnishing rather than letting it sit unworn.